Citizen/Client Charter

National Investigation Agency, Government of India CITIZEN/CLIENT CHARTER OF National Investigation Agency Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of India


The National Investigation Agency aims to be a thoroughly professional investigative agency matching the best international standards. The NIA aims to set the standards of excellence in counter terrorism and other national security related investigations at the national level by developing into a highly trained, partnership oriented workforce. NIA aims at creating deterrence for existing and potential terrorist groups/individuals. It aims to develop as a storehouse of all terrorist related information.


  • In-depth professional investigation of scheduled offences using the latest scientific methods of investigation and setting up such standards as to ensure that all cases entrusted to the NIA are detected.
  • Ensure effective and speedy trial.
  • Developing into a thoroughly professional, result oriented organization, upholding the constitution of India and Laws of the Land giving prime importance to the protection of Human Rights and dignity of the individual.
  • Developing a professional work force through regular training and exposure to the best practices and procedures.
  • Displaying scientific temper and progressive spirit while discharging the duties assigned.
  • Inducting modern methods and latest technology in every sphere of activities of the agency.
  • Maintaining professional and cordial relations with the governments of States and Union Territories and other law enforcement agencies in compliance of the legal provisions of the NIA Act.
  • Assist all States and other investigating agencies in investigation of terrorist cases.
  • Build a data base on all terrorist related information and share the data base available with the States and other agencies.
  • Study and analyse laws relating to terrorism in other countries and regularly evaluate the adequacy of existing laws in India and propose changes as and when necessary.
  • To win the confidence of the citizen of India through selfless and tearless endeavours.

Index of Services

Service Service standard Contact details of responsible officer Process Documents required Fee
Investigation of scheduled offences as per NIA Act, 2008 As and when sanction is received from Govt. of India Inspector General (Inv)
1. After receipt of sanction/ order of Govt. of India, FIR/ PE is registered.

2. The case is assigned to an Investigation Officer who starts investigation.

3. After completion of investigation a Police report is filed in the NIA Special Court.
As per provisions of the NIA Act, 2008, sanction/ Order of Govt. of India is required for registration of a case for investigation N/A

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

For any grievance relating to services delivered by the National Investigation Agency as per standards given in this Citizens/Stakeholders Charter anyone may lodge their grievance at or may send through e-mail to dig1.delhi.nia[at]gov[dot]in or write a letter by post/fax to 011-23438235.

ii) The acknowledgement of the grievance can be expected in 07 days by e-mail, and 15 days by post, and the redress of the grievance can be expected in 30 days (depending upon nature of grievance).

List of Stakeholders

  • All Ministries/ Departments/Organizations of Government of India
  • All State Governments/Union Territory Administrations/State Police Forces
  • Investigating Agencies Investigating terror offences
  • Employees of the National Investigation Agency
  • NIA Special Courts
  • Suppliers/Vendors/Service Providers
  • Forensic Science Laboratories
  • Citizens of India

List of Responsibility Centres

The National Investigation Agency has branches in Guwahati, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Jammu and Raipur. However, it is suggested that all correspondence for assistance or otherwise be directed to the NIA Headquarters, New Delhi.

Month and Year for Next Review

To be decided ……………………(one year) ………………………………………….


The National Investigation Agency has formulated this citizen’s charter as a first of its kind measure. Constant feedback/suggestions from recipients/stakeholders regarding service delivered are most welcome and appreciated.
Feedback/suggestions on this charter may be sent to:- dig1.delhi.nia[at]gov[dot]in

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