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Police Station of NIA, New Delhi

YearCase NoCase TitleOrganisation / GangPresent Status
2019 RC-01/2019/NIA/DLI Criminal conspiracy case of PS Keelakarai, Tamil Nadu -Under Investigation
2019 RC-03/2019/NIA/DLI Special Cell, SB, FICN Case -Under Investigation
2019 RC-04/2019/NIA/DLI FICN of PS Bettiah Town, West Champaran, Bihar -Under Investigation
2019 RC-05/2019/NIA/DLI Smuggling of Arms/ Ammunitions to Maoist/ gangsters with the help of Naga Undergrounds -Under Investigation
2019 RC-06/2019/NIA/DLI Murder of Ramalingam by PFI activists in Tamil Nadu -Under Investigation
2019 RC-07/2019/NIA/DLI Killing of Sh. Jagdish Kumar Gagneja -Under Investigation
2019 RC-08/2019/NIA/DLI Criminal Conspiracy of waging war by Mufti Abdul Rauf Asghar & others JeM members -Under Investigation
2019 RC-10/2019/NIA/DLI Recovery of FICN at Ballalpur Velly Bridge, Farakka, Murshidabad, W.B -Under Investigation
2019 RC-11/2019/NIA/DLI Death of Mr. Bheema Mandavi in a IED blast by CPI (Maoist), Dantewara, Chhattisgarh -Under Investigation
2019 RC-12/2019/NIA/DLI DRI FICN Case Attari, Amritsar, Punjab -Under Investigation
2019 RC-15/2019/NIA/DLI Recovery of FICN Gurugram, Haryana -Further Investigation
2019 RC-17/2019/NIA/DLI FICN Case DRI Surat -Under Investigation
2019 RC-21/2019/NIA/DLI Arms Ammunition & Explosive Case, Chohla Sahib, Tarantaran, Punjab -Under Investigation
2019 RC-24/2019/NIA/DLI Hijacking conspiracy case Gurugram -Under Investigation
2018 RC-01/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of money from CPI Maoist Cadre, Jharkhand -Under Investigation
2018 RC-02/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of money from Head of PLFI, Jharkhand -Under Investigation
2018 RC-03/2018/NIA/DLI Sasi Kumar Murder Case -Under Investigation
2018 RC-04/2018/NIA/DLI Recovery and explosion of IED near Kalachakra Maidan, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar -Under Investigation
2018 RC-05/2018/NIA/DLI Escape of Pakistani Terrorist Naved Jatt from SMHS Hospital Srinagar -Under Investigation
2018 RC-06/2018/NIA/DLI Extortion/Levy collection/ Money Laundering by the Maoist cadres. -Under Investigation
2018 RC-07/2018/NIA/DLI Arrest of two youths who were trying to enter POK, for arms training. -Under Investigation
2018 RC-08/2018/NIA/DLI FICN PS - Baishnabnagar, Distt. - Malda, West Bengal -Under Investigation
2018 RC-09/2018/NIA/DLI Attack on Army Station at Sunjawan, Jammu (J & K) -Under Investigation
2018 RC-10/2018/NIA/DLI Attack on CRPF Group Centre at Lethpura, J & K -Under Investigation
2018 RC-11/2018/NIA/DLI Arrest of three members of Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) -Under Investigation
2018 RC-12/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN at PS Chikkodi, Karnataka -Under Investigation
2018 RC-13/2018/NIA/DLI Arrest of Armed Cadres including functionaries of CPI (Maoist) in Jharkhand. -Under Investigation
2018 RC-14/2018/NIA/DLI Three Naxalites of Muzaffarpur, Bihar, recovery of arms and ammunition and cash etc. -Under Investigation
2018 RC-15/2018/NIA/DLI Conspiracy and planning by Hardeep Singh Nijjar to carry out terrorist attack in India -Under Investigation
2018 RC-16/2018/NIA/DLI Terrorist attack at forst area of Khan Chak, Halmapatra, Kupwara, J & K -Under Investigation
2018 RC-17/2018/NIA/DLI Unlawful Activity of Aasiya Andrabi and her associates in J&K (DEM case) -Under Investigation
2018 RC-18/2018/NIA/DLI Case against BKI member Hardeep Singh Nijjar Babbar Khalsa International (BKI)Under Investigation
2018 RC-19/2018/NIA/DLI Arrest of Armed Cadres including functionaries of CPI (Maoist) in Jharkhand dated 09.05.2018 -Under Investigation
2018 RC-21/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of Money From CPI(M) Naxali Manoj Kumar, District Giridih, Jharkhand -Under Investigation
2018 RC-22/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of Money, Arms & Amns from TSPC Naxali Kamlesh Ganju, Jharkhand dated 09.07.2018 -Under Investigation
2018 RC-23/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of Money, Arms & Amns from TSPC Naxali Shya Bokhta, Jharkhand dated 09.07.2018 -Under Investigation
2018 RC-24/2018/NIA/DLI Recovery of large numbers of weapons etc from the house of CPI (Maoist) cadre Kamlesh Bhagat, Bihar -Under Investigation
2018 RC-25/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN, PS-Farakka, Murshidabad, West Bengal -Under Investigation
2018 RC-26/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN at PS Madanayakanahally, Bengaluru, Karnataka -Under Investigation
2018 RC-27/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN, PS - Shamserganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal -Under Investigation
2018 RC-28/2018/NIA/DLI Subversive activities by Munid Hamid Bhat, LET Case, Kulgam J & K -Under Investigation
2018 RC-29/2018/NIA/DLI Encounter between Police and terrorist at PS Katra, J & K -Under Investigation
2018 RC-30/2018/NIA/DLI Encounter between Police and terrorist at Suketar check point, PS Jhajjar Kotti, District Jammu -Under Investigation
2018 RC-31/2018/NIA/DLI Recovery of AK-47 weapons to Maoists and other criminals in various states from Bhopal. -Under Investigation
2018 RC-32/2018/NIA/DLI Theft of seven rifles and one pistol at Srinagar, J & K -Under Investigation
2018 RC-33/2018/NIA/DLI ISIS Case Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu -Under Investigation
2018 RC-34/2018/NIA/DLI Arrest of 03 Kashmiri youths at Jalandhar, Punjab -Under Investigation
2018 RC-35/2018/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN of face value Rs. 1,52,000/- by ATS Gujarat -Under Investigation
2018 RC-36/2018/NIA/DLI Killing of Mr. Anil Kumar Parihar and his brother Ajit Kumar Parihar -Under Investigation
2018 RC-37/2018/NIA/DLI An attempt by three militant with intention to kill the Police personnel -Under Investigation
2018 RC-38/2018/NIA/DLI ISIS Conspiracy case Delhi -Under Investigation
2018 RC-39/2018/NIA/DLI Explosive of bombs in the building of PS Maqsudan, Jalandhar Rural, Punjab -Under Investigation
2017 RC-01/2017/NIA/DLI ISIS Case Kullu, Himachal Pradesh JihadiJudgement Pronounced.
2017 RC-02/2017/NIA/DLI Planting of pressure cooker IED at Railway Track Ghorasan, Motihari, Bihar OthersFurther Investigation
2017 RC-03/2017/NIA/DLI ISIS case Tamil Nadu JihadiUnder Investigation
2017 RC-04/2017/NIA/DLI Bhopal-Ujjain train bomb blast case JihadiTrial Started
2017 RC-05/2017/NIA/DLI Arrest of KCP Commander in Chief in Delhi North-EastFurther Investigation
2017 RC-06/2017/NIA/DLI FICN case Rajkot, Gujarat FICNFurther Investigation
2017 RC-07/2017/NIA/DLI FICN PS- Kaliachak Case FICNUnder Investigation
2017 RC-08/2017/NIA/DLI FICN PS - English Bazar Case FICNTrial Started
2017 RC-09/2017/NIA/DLI ISIS Case Gujarat, Ahmedabad JihadiFurther Investigation
2017 RC-10/2017/NIA/DLI Funding to separatist organisation in J&K Terror FundingUnder Investigation
2017 RC-11/2017/NIA/DLI Killing of JD(U) MLA by CPI(M) Activist at Ranchi, Jharkhand Left Wing ExtrenismUnder Investigation
2017 RC-12/2017/NIA/DLI ISIS Case, Kannur (Kerela) JihadiFurther Investigation
2017 RC-13/2017/NIA/DLI Nasir Safi Mir Case Terror FundingUnder Investigation
2017 RC-14/2017/NIA/DLI Seizure from Maoist Left Wing ExtrenismUnder Investigation
2017 RC-15/2017/NIA/DLI Arrest of KCP(LK) C-N-C North-EastUnder Investigation
2017 RC-16/2017/NIA/DLI Hijacking of lndian Jet Airways Plane (9W 339). Mumbai- Delhi ) OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-17/2017/NIA/DLI Arrest of Al-Qaida terrorist from Shakarpur, Vikas Marg, Delhi JihadiUnder Investigation
2017 RC-18/2017/NIA/DLI Murder of Shri Ravinder Gosain (RSS Chief) at Ludhiana, PB OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-19/2017/NIA/DLI Arrest of Mohammed Amir, LeT terrorist (Pakistani national) in Kupwara(J&K) JihadiUnder Investigation
2017 RC-20/2017/NIA/DLI Funding to LeT operative JihadiUnder Investigation
2017 RC-21/2017/NIA/DLI Blackmailing by an ISI operative OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-22/2017/NIA/DLI Murder of Pastor Sultan Masih at Golden Church Mohalla Peeru Banda Ludhiana, Punjab) OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-23/2017/NIA/DLI Murder of Satpal Sharma & Ramesh Kumar at PS Maloud, Khanna (PB) OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-24/2017/NIA/DLI Attack on Shri Amit Arora near Jyoti Motor Basti Jodhewal, Ludhiana, Punjab OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-25/2017/NIA/DLI Killing of Durga Gupta near Lehri Road, Khanna, Punjab. OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-26/2017/NIA/DLI Attack on Naresh Kumar at Shaheedi Park, New Kidwai Nagar, Punjab OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-27/2017/NIA/DLI Killing of Amit Sharma at Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana city, Punjab OthersUnder Investigation
2016 RC-01/2016/NIA/DLI FIR NO.01 of 2016 of Police Station Narot Jaimal Singh, District Pathankot. JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-02/2016/NIA/DLI FIR NO.02 of 2016 of Police Station Narot Jaimal Singh, District Pathankot. JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-03/2016/NIA/DLI FIR NO.01 of 2016 of Police Station Division No.2 Pathankot. JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-04/2016/NIA/DLI ISIS - Abu Dhabi Module JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-05/2016/NIA/DLI ISIS case of PS Jaipur, Rajasthan JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-06/2016/NIA/DLI FICN Case of PS Kaliachak, Malda, West Bengal FICNInvestigation Complete
2016 RC-07/2016/NIA/DLI Hijbul-ul-Majahiddin Case of PS Shiprapath, Jaipur (Rajasthan) JihadiClosure
2016 RC-08/2016/NIA/DLI FICN Case of Gati KWE(Gati Kintetsu Express Pvt. Ltd) at Raxaul , East Champaran , Bihar FICNFurther Investigation
2016 RC-09/2016/NIA/DLI ISIS JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-10/2016/NIA/DLI ISIS case of GRP Howrah , West Bengal JihadiTrial yet to be scheduled
2016 RC-11/2016/NIA/DLI Terrorist attack case of PS Qalamabad , Police District Handwara , Kupwara (J&K) JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-12/2016/NIA/DLI Terrorist attack case of PS Qalamabad , Police District Handwara , Kupwara (J&K) JihadiUnder Investigation
2016 RC-13/2016/NIA/DLI FICN at Baishnab Nagar , Malda , W.B FICNFurther Investigation
2016 RC-14/2016/NIA/DLI Terrorist attack on Army (12 Infantry brigade hqrs DBN Uri , District Baramula J&K) PS Uri) JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-15/2016/NIA/DLI Terrorist attack on Army in Handwara(J & K) PS Handwara JihadiUnder Investigation
2016 RC-16/2016/NIA/DLI Nagrota Terrorist Attack Case J&K JihadiUnder Investigation
2016 RC-17/2016/NIA/DLI Illegal Transfer of funds in large scale from Pakistan to India through import of California Almonds Terror FundingUnder Investigation
2015 RC-01/2015/NIA/DLI IED Blast at Bijnaur, Uttar Pradesh JihadiFurther Investigation
2015 RC-02/2015/NIA/DLI IED Blast at Roorkee District, Uttarakhand JihadiUnder Investigation
2015 RC-03/2015/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICNs of face value equivalent to Rs 20 lakhs at Old Delhi Rly. Station. FICNFurther Investigation
2015 RC-04/2015/NIA/DLI Firing upon Assam Rifles personnel by NSCN cadres near the Indira Gandhi Stadium Gate North-EastFurther Investigation
2015 RC-05/2015/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN at Kaliachak,Malda,West Bengal FICNInvestigation Complete
2015 RC-06/2015/NIA/DLI Seizure of FICN at Baishnab,Malda,West Bengal FICNInvestigation Complete
2015 RC-07/2015/NIA/DLI Bomb blast occurred in Train No.31811 at Titagarh Railway Station, West Bengal. OthersTransferred to other Agencies
2015 RC-08/2015/NIA/DLI Udhampur Terror attack (J&K). JihadiFurther Investigation
2015 RC-09/2015/NIA/DLI DRI FICN Murshidabad. FICNFurther Investigation
2015 RC-10/2015/NIA-DLI IED Blast at Bijnaur-II Case, Uttar Pradesh . JihadiTrial Started
2015 RC-11/2015/NIA-DLI IED Blast at Bijnaur –III Case, Uttar Pradesh . JihadiTrial Started
2015 RC-12/2015/NIA-DLI Low intensity blasts in railway coaches in Odisha OthersTransferred to other Agencies
2015 RC-13/2015/NIA/DLI Murder of two office bearers of a Political Party in Bharuch City, Gujarat OthersFurther Investigation
2015 RC-14/2015/NIA/DLI ISIL Case Delhi JihadiFurther Investigation
2015 RC-15/2015/NIA/DLI FICN Case East Champaran Distt., Bihar FICNFurther Investigation
2014 RC-01/2014/NIA-DLI Ambush on CRPF team, Jheerum II, Tahakwada incident Left Wing ExtrenismFurther Investigation
2014 RC-02/2014/NIA/DLI DRI FICN, IGI Airport Case FICNFurther Investigation
2014 RC-03/2014/NIA/DLI Bomb Explosion at Distt-Burdwan, West Bengal JihadiTrial Started
2013 RC-01/2013/NIA/DLI Recovery of Arms/Ammunition from Naxals, Aurangabad, Bihar Left Wing ExtrenismInvestigation Complete
2013 RC-02/2013/NIA/DLI illegal import of Night Vision Devices OthersInvestigation Complete
2013 RC-03/2013/NIA/DLI Arrest of one Sayyed Liyaqat Shah OthersFurther Investigation
2013 RC-04/2013/NIA/DLI Italian Marine Case OthersInvestigation Complete
2013 RC-05/2013/NIA/DLI Mohan Viswakarma, CTC Member CPI (Maoist) case Left Wing ExtrenismInvestigation Complete
2013 RC-06/2013/NIA/DLI Darbha Jheerum Ghati Attack case Left Wing ExtrenismFurther Investigation
2013 RC-07/2013/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast at Maha Bodhi Temple, Gaya, Bihar JihadiPart Judgement
2013 RC-08/2013/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast at Maha Bodhi Temple, Gaya, Bihar JihadiPart Judgement
2013 RC-09/2013/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast at Maha Bodhi Temple, Gaya, Bihar JihadiPart Judgement
2013 RC-10/2013/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast at Gandhi Maidan, Patna , Bihar -State FIR No. 451/2013 of Gandhi Maidan, Patna JihadiPart Judgement
2013 RC-11/2013/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast at Bihar State FIR No. 361/2013 of Railway Station, Patna JihadiPart Judgement
2013 RC-12/2013/NIA/DLI Activities of SIMI in Jharkahnd JihadiPart Judgement
2012 RC-01/2012/NIA/DLI Activities of CPI (Maoist) Left Wing ExtrenismInvestigation Complete
2012 RC-02/2012/NIA/DLI Death of BSF officer in ambush by Maoists at Odisha Left Wing ExtrenismClosure
2012 RC-03/2012/NIA/DLI Recovery of Comn. Sets/ war like stores from Maoist Left Wing ExtrenismClosure
2012 RC-04/2012/NIA/DLI LET CASE (ABU JUNDAL CASE) JihadiFurther Investigation
2012 RC-05/2012/NIA/DLI Activities of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) Terror FundingUnder Investigation
2012 RC-06/2012/NIA/DLI Activities of Indian Mujahideen JihadiFurther Investigation
2012 RC-07/2012/NIA/DLI FICN case at Punjab FICNJudgement Pronounced.
2012 RC-08/2012/NIA/DLI Activities of CPI (Maoist) in Jharkhand Left Wing ExtrenismFurther Investigation
2011 RC-01/2011/NIA/DLI Activities of PFI – Prof. Hand chopping case JihadiJudgement Pronounced, Further investigation in progress
2011 RC-02/2011/NIA/DLI Mecca Masjit Bomb Blast Case OthersFurther Investigation
2011 RC-03/2011/NIA/DLI MALEGAON- I BOMB BLAST OthersFurther Investigation
2011 RC-04/2011/NIA/DLI Bomb blast of Dargah Sharif, Ajmer OthersJudgement Pronounced.
2011 RC-05/2011/NIA/DLI MALEGAON- II BOMB BLAST OthersFurther Investigation
2011 RC-06/2011/NIA/DLI Terror Funding in J&K through Hawala Transaction. Terror FundingFurther Investigation
2011 RC-07/2011/NIA/DLI FICN/Terror Funding, Janipur FICNTrial Started
2011 RC-08/2011/NIA/DLI Sunil Joshi Murder Case OthersTransferred to other Agencies
2011 RC-09/2011/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast in Delhi High Court between Gate No. 4&5 JihadiTrial Started
2011 RC-10/2011/NIA/DLI Bomb Blast in Delhi High Court –I JihadiClosure
2011 RC-11/2011/NIA/DLI JKART-HM TERROR FINANCING CASE OF J & K/DELHI Terror FundingFurther Investigation
2011 RC-12/2011/NIA/DLI Terror Funding in Jammu & Kashmir Terror FundingClosure
2010 RC-01/2010/NIA/DLI Activities of NSCN – IM Terror FundingTrial Started
2010 RC-02/2010/NIA/DLI Activities of LeT - Edakkad JihadiJudgement Pronounced.
2010 RC-03/2010/NIA/DLI Binanipuram SIMI Activities JihadiJudgement Pronounced.
2010 RC-04/2010/NIA/DLI Wagamon SIMI Camp Case JihadiTrial Started
2010 RC-05/2010/NIA/DLI Kalamassery Bus Burning Case, Kerala JihadiInvestigation Complete
2010 RC-06/2010/NIA/DLI Kanglei Yaol Kanba Lup (KYKL) Terror FundingTrial Started
2010 RC-07/2010/NIA/DLI Modasa Town Bomb Blast OthersClosure
2010 RC-08/2010/NIA/DLI LeT operative at Hyderabad case JihadiFurther Investigation
2010 RC-09/2010/NIA/DLI Samjhauta Express Blast case OthersTrial Started
2010 RC-10/2010/NIA/DLI Activities of UNLF Terror FundingJudgement Pronounced.
2010 RC-11/2010/NIA/DLI Indian Mujahideen (IM) Terror FundingUnder Investigation
2009 RC-01/2009/NIA/DLI Activities of DHD (J) in Assam Terror FundingJudgement Pronounced.
2009 RC-02/2009/NIA/DLI Activities of DHD (J) in Assam Terror FundingJudgement Pronounced.
2009 RC-03/2009/NIA/DLI FICN CASE, MUMBAI FICNJudgement Pronounced.
2009 RC-04/2009/NIA/DLI Headley Case – Mumbai Terror attack Conspiracy case. JihadiFurther Investigation
2009 RC-05/2009/NIA/DLI Kozhikode Twin Blast OthersJudgement Pronounced.
2009 RC-06/2009/NIA/DLI Kozhikode Twin Blast OthersJudgement Pronounced.
2009 RC-07/2009/NIA/DLI GOA Bomb Blast Case OthersJudgement Pronounced.
2009 RC-08/2009/NIA/DLI GOA Bomb Blast Case OthersJudgement Pronounced.

Police Station of NIA, Guwahati

YearCase NoCase TitleOrganisation / GangPresent Status
2019 RC-01/2019/NIA/GUW JMB Case of Tripura -Under Investigation
2019 RC-02/2019/NIA/GUW FICN Case, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati, Assam -Under Investigation
2019 RC-03/2019/NIA/GUW Killing of Tirong Aboh, MLA in Arunachal Pradesh -Under Investigation
2019 RC-04/2019/NIA/GUW Lobbing of a grenade by some unknowns Miscreants case, Guwahati, Assam -Under Investigation
2019 RC-05/2019/NIA/GUW Recovery of 9mm Pistol alongwith arms/explosive in Guwahati, Assam -Under Investigation
2019 RC-06/2019/NIA/GUW Killing of SI Bhaskar Kalita, Tinsukia, Assam -Under Investigation
2019 RC-07/2019/NIA/GUW Arrest of Yangang Konyak @Mopa, Commander of 4th Brigade, NSCN (K-Yung Aung), PS. Mon, Nagaland -Under Investigation
2019 RC-08/2019/NIA/GUW Recovery of money which was carrying 4 persons for further handing over to NSCN (IM) -Under Investigation
2019 RC-10/2019/NIA/GUW Recovery of extortion money, Dimapur, Nagaland case -Under Investigation
2019 RC-11/2019/NIA/GUW Apprehension of two Bangladeshi by BSF, Mizoram case -Under Investigation
2018 RC-01/2018/NIA/GUW Ambush on ROP Party of Assam Rifles Personnel -Under Investigation
2018 RC-02/2018/NIA/GUW Missing of 9mm Pistol from 2nd BN Manipur Rifles, Imphal (Manipur) -Under Investigation
2018 RC-03/2018/NIA/GUW Arrest of Gaising Meiringmei @ Ronald along with two other NSCN(K) Member -Under Investigation
2018 RC-04/2018/NIA/GUW Arrest of Smt. Tanthaoliu Gonmei w/o Gaising Meiringmei @ Ronald in Manipur -Under Investigation
2018 RC-05/2018/NIA/GUW Supply of arms & amns to insurgent groups in Manipur -Under Investigation
2018 RC-06/2018/NIA/GUW Seizure of 02 AK-47 Rifles by DRI, Aizwal, Regional Unit (Mizoram) -Under Investigation
2018 RC-07/2018/NIA/GUW Arrest of woman arms dealer from Mantripukhri, Lamlonlei with foreign currency, Manipur -Under Investigation
2018 RC-08/2018/NIA/GUW Arrest of one Md. Shanawaj Alom @Mridul -Under Investigation
2018 RC-09/2018/NIA/GUW Attack on villagers by ULFA at Kherbari Bichanimukh, District Tinsukia, Assam -Under Investigation
2017 RC-01/2017/NIA/GUW FICN PS - Senapati Case North-EastUnder Investigation
2016 RC-01/2016/NIA/GUW Extortion and unlawful collection by NSCN (K) from individuals and organisations North-EastFurther Investigation
2016 RC-02/2016/NIA/GUW Illegal confinement of citizen in Myanmar by NSCN (K) North-EastClosure
2016 RC-03/2016/NIA/GUW Killing of Ex-Chairman PREPAK Sh. Ningombam Nabachandra Singh at Manipur Khabeisoi North-EastFurther Investigation
2015 RC-01/2015/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Kokrajhar of Bodoland Territorial Areas (BTAD),Assam. North-EastFurther Investigation
2015 RC-02/2015/NIA/GUW Ambush on Security Forces by NSCN(IM) Cadres at Khonsa, Arunachal Pradesh North-EastFurther Investigation
2015 RC-03/2015/NIA/GUW Ambush on 06 DOGRA Regiment of Indian Army Manipur. North-EastFurther Investigation
2014 RC-01/2014/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Baksa of Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD), Assam North-EastInvestigation Complete
2014 RC-02/2014/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Baksa of Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD),Assam North-EastFurther Investigation
2014 RC-03/2014/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Kokrajhar of Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD),Assam North-EastPart Judgement
2014 RC-04/2014/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Dhekiajuli, District Sonitpur, Assam by suspected NDFB (S) Cadres. North-EastFurther Investigation
2014 RC-05/2014/NIA/GUW Killing of civilians in Biswanath Chariali, District Sonitpur, Assam NDFB (S) Cadres. North-EastFurther Investigation
2014 RC-06/2014/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Kokrajhar,Assam by suspected NDFB (S) Cadres. North-EastFurther Investigation
2014 RC-07/2014/NIA/GUW Terrorist attack in Kokrajhar of Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD),Assam North-EastFurther Investigation
2013 RC-01/2013/NIA/GUW Involvement of Nagaland Police Personal in siphoning off Amns to NSCN (IM) Cadre North-EastTrial Started
2013 RC-02/2013/NIA/GUW Recovery of sophisticated weapons from Aizawal, Mizoram OthersFurther Investigation
2013 RC-03/2013/NIA/GUW Zunheboto PS Case of Misappropriation of Government Arms and Ammunition North-EastFurther Investigation
2013 RC-04/2013/NIA/GUW Activities of ULFA North-EastFurther Investigation
2012 RC-01/2012/NIA/GUW Murder of Manipuri couple in Ukhrul, Manipur North-EastClosure
2012 RC-02/2012/NIA/GUW Activities of PREPAK-UPPK nexus with other Militant Groups North-EastClosure
2012 RC-03/2012/NIA/GUW Flag hoisting Case of PLA/RPF North-EastClosure
2012 RC-04/2012/NIA/GUW Raising funds by PREPAK-UPPK through extortion/other illegal acts for terrorist activities North-EastTrial Started
2011 RC-01/2011/NIA/GUW Terrorist Activities of PLA North-EastPart Judgement
2011 RC-02/2011/NIA/GUW Ambush on the convoy of Sri.W.Keishing, MLA, Phungyar, Ukhrul District Manipur North-EastClosure
2011 RC-03/2011/NIA/GUW Activities of KCP North-EastTrial Started

Police Station of NIA, Hyderabad

YearCase NoCase TitleOrganisation / GangPresent Status
2019 RC-01/2019/NIA/HYD Attack on Shri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, MLA -Under Investigation
2019 RC-04/2019/NIA/HYD Case against accused person Bandari Maddileti -Under Investigation
2018 RC-01/2018/NIA/HYD Seizure of FICN at Vishakhapatnam Case -Under Investigation
2018 RC-02/2018/NIA/HYD Killing of sitting MLAs of TDP, Vishakhapatnam, AP -Under Investigation
2017 RC-01/2017/NIA/HYD Train derailment case at Kuneru Left Wing ExtrenismUnder Investigation
2016 RC-01/2016/NIA/HYD ISIS Case Hyderabad JihadiInvestigation Complete
2016 RC-02/2016/NIA/HYD (Financial Support to CPI(Maoist) by the M/s Patil Construction and Infrastructure Limited, Pune Terror FundingUnder Investigation
2016 RC-03/2016/NIA/HYD Mysuru City Court Complex Blast case OthersFurther Investigation
2016 RC-04/2016/NIA/HYD Rudresh Murder Case at Bengaluru City OthersFurther Investigation
2015 RC-01/2015/NIA/HYD IED Blast on 28/12/2014 in Church Street, Bangalore, Karnataka JihadiFurther Investigation
2015 RC-02/2015/NIA/HYD FICN Case Visakhapatnam Rly. Station, Andhra Pradesh. FICNFurther Investigation
2014 RC-01/2014/NIA/HYD Puducherry Pipe Bomb Case. OthersTrial Started
2014 RC-02/2014/NIA/HYD Espionage (Md. Sakir) Case. OthersPart Judgement
2013 RC-01/2013/NIA/HYD Dilsukhnagar Twin blast case. JihadiJudgement Pronounced.
2013 RC-02/2013/NIA/HYD Dilsukhnagar Twin blast case. JihadiJudgement Pronounced.
2013 RC-03/2013/NIA/HYD Espionage (Thameem) Case. OthersFurther Investigation
2013 RC-04/2013/NIA/HYD Mavelikkara Maoist case Left Wing ExtrenismJudgement Pronounced.
2012 RC-01/2012/NIA/HYD (FICN Case of Malda) 03/01/2012 FICNJudgement Pronounced.
2012 RC-02/2012/NIA/HYD FICN Kondotty case FICNFurther Investigation
2012 RC-03/2012/NIA/HYD FICN Nedumbaserry case FICNFurther Investigation
2012 RC-04/2012/NIA/HYD L-e-T Bangalore Conspiracy JihadiJudgement Pronounced, Further investigation in progress
2011 RC-01/2011/NIA/HYD FICN Case of Thaliparamba, Kerala FICNFurther Investigation

Police Station of NIA, KOCHI

YearCase NoCase TitleOrganisation / GangPresent Status
2019 RC-02/2019/NIA/KOC ISIS case Tamil Nadu & Kerala -Under Investigation
2018 RC-01/2018/NIA/KOC ISIS Paravur Case -Under Investigation
2018 RC-02/2018/NIA/KOC ISIS Wandoor Case -Under Investigation
2018 RC-03/2018/NIA/KOC Thrissur FICN case, Kerala -Under Investigation
2017 RC-01/2017/NIA/KOC Akhila/ Hadiya case OthersUnder Investigation
2017 RC-02/2017/NIA/KOC ISIS Valapattanam Case Kannur -Under Investigation
2016 RC-01/2016/NIA/KOC Vellamunda Maoist case Left Wing ExtrenismUnder Investigation
2016 RC-02/2016/NIA/KOC ISIS Case of Kasargod , Kerela JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-03/2016/NIA/KOC ISIS Case of Palakkad , Kerela JihadiUnder Investigation
2016 RC-04/2016/NIA/KOC Palarivattom ISIS case JihadiUnder Investigation
2016 RC-05/2016/NIA/KOC ISIS - Omar Al Hindi Module JihadiFurther Investigation
2015 RC-01/2015/NIA/KOC Apprehension of 12 Iranians on boat and recovery of very high suspected items OthersJudgement Pronounced.
2014 RC-01/2014/NIA/KOC FICN at Cochin Airport, Nedumbassery, Ernakulum Kerala FICNFurther Investigation
2013 RC-01/2013/NIA/KOC FICN Kasargod Case FICNFurther Investigation
2013 RC-02/2013/NIA/KOC FICN Kasargod Case FICNFurther Investigation
2013 RC-03/2013/NIA/KOC FICN Kasargod Case FICNFurther Investigation
2013 RC-04/2013/NIA/KOC FICN Kasargod Case FICNFurther Investigation
2013 RC-05/2013/NIA/KOC Kannur PFI Case JihadiJudgement Pronounced, Further investigation in progress
2013 RC-06/2013/NIA/KOC FICN Manjeri Case FICNJudgement Pronounced.

Police Station of NIA, MUMBAI

YearCase NoCase TitleOrganisation / GangPresent Status
2019 RC-01/2019/NIA/MUM Pune Khalistan Case -Under Investigation
2018 RC-01/2018/NIA/MUM Abetting and aiding members of Ansuaruallah Bangla Team -Under Investigation
2018 RC-02/2018/NIA/MUM Arrest of two accused namely Faizal and Allaharakha for conspiring with Pakistan -Under Investigation
2018 RC-03/2018/NIA/MUM Bhiwandi FICN Case -Under Investigation
2016 RC-01/2016/NIA/MUM FICN Case of Thane City PS , Mumbai FICNFurther Investigation
2016 RC-02/2016/NIA/MUM ISIS/ISIL case-II Mumbai JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-03/2016/NIA/MUM Parbhani ISIS Case JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-04/2016/NIA/MUM Nagpada ISIS case JihadiFurther Investigation
2016 RC-05/2016/NIA/MUM Unlawful activities of Islamic Research Foundation JihadiTrial Started
2014 RC-01/2014/NIA/MUM ISIL Case JihadiFurther Investigation
2013 RC-01/2013/NIA/MUM NANDED CASE JihadiFurther Investigation

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