Wanted Details

Abdul Mateen Ahmed Taaha (A-12)

Most Wanted

Abdul Mateen Ahmed Taaha (A-12)

  • Aliases :
  • Parentage :
    S/o Manzoor Ahmed
  • Address :
    House No.92/2/ 2274/711/4, Fish Market Road, Soppu Gude, Theerthahalli Rural, Shimoga, Karnataka
  • Accused Status :
    Latest information : Investigation conducted so far revealed that Abdul Mateen Ahmed Taaha is an associate of Mehaboob Pasha and other accused, in this case. He was actively involved in the activities of Al-Hind Module and was highly radicalized. He is in touch with ISIS operatives from abroad.
  • Age/DOB (Approx) :
    Aged: 26 years/2020

For any information, please Contact

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  • Postal Address
    National Investigation Agency, Opp CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
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