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GOA Bomb Blast Case

As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 17011/116/2009-IS.VI, dated 09/12/2009, National Investigation Agency (NIA) took over the investigation of FIR No. 114/2009 dated 16/10/2009 Vema Police Station, Goa District and re-registered the case on 11/12/2009 at NIA Police Station, New Delhi as Case RC-08/2009/NIA/DLI under sections 120-(B),121-(A),122, 123 of IPC, section 16,17,18,23 of UA (P) Act, Section 4,5 of Explosives Substances Act and Section 6 & 9 (B) of Explosive Act.

Summary of Allegations

On 16.10.09 being the Diwali eve Narakasur Effigy Competition was held at near Shanthadurga Temple at Sancoale- Verna, Goa, the accused persons and other persons known and unknown conspired together for planting IEDs at the places of Effigy Competitions as they are against such competition and as part of their conspiracy, the above said group planted IEDs in a vehicle which was parked on the road near Shantadurga Temple on the night of 16/10/2009. Subsequently the vehicle was located and the bomb was diffused by the Verna Police station

Present Status

The case No. RC-07/2009/NIADLI and RC-08/2009/NIA/DLI were clubbed together and common charge sheet filed was filed on 17/05/2010 against 06 accused persons before the Hon’ble NIA Spl. Court, Margaon Goa. The trial was completed and the Hon’ble NIA Spl. Court, Margaon Goa pronounced its judgement 31/12/2013 and acquitted all the charge sheeted accused. On 31/01/2014, an appeal has been filed against acquittal of six accused persons in the Bombay High Court (Bench at Goa).

Judgement pronounced on 31.12.2013 and acquitted all 06 accused persons.


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