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As per Government of India, Ministry of Home affairs (IS-IV) order No. L/No. 11034/10/2009-IS-IV dated 03.06.2009 NIA has taken over the investigation of FIR No. 07/2009 dated. 14.05.2009 ATS Mumbai Police Station, Maharashtra and re-registered a case on 16.06.2009 at PS NIA, Delhi as a Case No. RC-03/2009/NIA-Delhi u/s 120-B, 489-A, 489-B, 489-C of Indian Penal Code 1860.

Summary of Allegations

On source information received by ATS, Mumbai office, on 14.05.2009 at about 1330 hrs, accused namely Ravi Dhiren Ghosh @ Jadhav @ Ruby & Nuruddin Islam, came to meet and hand over counterfeit currency to their associates Mohd Samad and Mohd Aijul Shaikh near star cinema at Barrister Nath Pai Marg, Mazgaon. Accordingly ATS Mumbai laid trap and seized Fake Indian Currency Notes from above four accused persons. The FICN were of very high quality and of denomination of Rs 1000/-. During the course of investigation, accused Mohd Asruddin Shaikh (A-5) was arrested from Crawford Market on 23.05.2009. He disclosed that he can show the place where he had kept FICN worth Rs. 14,500/-, which was given to him by his friend Shaukat (A-7) r/o Sahibganj, Jharkhand, for circulation in Mumbai and Thane market. On the basis of disclosure, fake Indian currency of Rs. 14,500/-(Two Notes of Rs. 1000/- and 25 Notes of Rs. 500/-) was recovered on the pointing out of A-5, from the Gala shop rented out to him by one Sanjay Kagde. Subsequently, accused Azraul s/o Tamez Shaikh (A-6) was also arrested from Ray Road, Mumbai on 23.05.2009. On personal search of Azraul (A-6) four counterfeit Indian Currency notes of denomination of Rs. 1000 were recovered from his possession.

Present Status

Investigation and trial of the case has been completed. Judgement was pronounced by the Hon’ble Special Judge NIA, Mumbai on 30/01/2014 and all arrested accused persons were convicted to imprisonment for life. On 05.02.2014 , the accused had filed appeal (No. 87/2014) before the Hon’ble High court, Bombay, judicature at Bombay against conviction and sentence order passed by Spl Judge, NIA Mumbai in Sessions Case No. 674/2009 on 30.01.2014. The said appeal has admitted on 21st Feb 2014. 

Judgement pronounced on 30/01/2014 and convicted 06 accused persons.


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