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Case No


Case Title

Seizure of Gold Bars at Jaipur, International Airport by custom officials on 03.07.2020

State Police FIR No.


Date of Registration


Section of Law



Case RC-36/2020/NIA/DLI dated 22.09.2020 registered at NIA Police Station, New Delhi.
As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs CTCR Division, Order No. 11011/63/2020/NIA dated 21.09.2020.

Section of Law

Section 120B of IPC and section 16 of the UA(P) Act, 1967.

Date of Registration by NIA


Summary of Allegations

Relating to seizure of 18.56939 Kgs smuggled Gold Bars at Jaipur International Airport by Customs officials on 03.07.2020 and subsequent arrest of 10 persons namely Ramchandra, Mohammed Aarif, Sunil Verma, Mohammed Maqbool Shekh, Subhash, Mohammed Aslam, Rashid Qureshi, Mukesh, Surendra Kumar Derji and Hetram arriving from Riyadh at Jaipur by Spice Jet Flight No. SG-9647. It is a case of threatening the economic security and damaging the monetary stability of India by way of smuggling of any other material i.e. gold bars as envisaged in section 15(1)(a)(iiia) of the UA(P) Act, 1967 defining Terrorist Act.

Present Status of Investigation

The case is under investigation.

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