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Case Title

Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation- Terror funding module case

State Police FIR No.


Date of Registration


Section of Law



Case RC-20/2018/NIA/DLI dated 02.07.2018 registered at NIA Police Station, New Delhi.
As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs CTCR Division, Order No. 11011/40/2018/NIA dated 27.06.2018.

Section of Law

Under sections 120B & 121 of IPC, Sections 17, 18, 21, 38 & 40 of UA(P) Act

Date of Registration by NIA


Summary of Allegations

Delhi based individual Mohammad Salman is in regular touch with one Dubai based Pakistani national Mohammad Kamran, Dy. Chief of FIF, a front end NGO of terror group LeT and a proscribed terrorist organisation under UA(P) Act, 1967. Mohammad Salman has been receiving funds from outside the country sent by FIF operative Mohammad Kamran and his associates, through Hawala operators. Mohammad Salman has connections with persons in various countries including Pakistan, UAE, Canada, Sweden, Crotia etc which prima facie indicates that FIF is trying to attract group of sympathizers to its cause of creating unrest in India by collecting funds for terrorist activities in India.

Present Status of Investigation

The case is under investigation.

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