NIA Cases

Case No


Case Title

Murder of Satpal Sharma & Ramesh Kumar at PS Maloud, Khanna (PB)

State Police FIR No.

FIR No. 13 dated 26.02.2017 registered at Police Station Maloud, District Khanna, Punjab.

Date of Registration


Section of Law

Under Section 302, 34, of IPC and Section 25 of Arms Act 1959.


Case RC-23/2017/NIA/DLI dated 10/12/2017 registered at NIA Police Station, Delhi. As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs No. 11011/38/2017-IS-IV, dated 8/12/2017

Section of Law

Under Section 302, 34, 120B of IPC, Section 25 of Arms Act 1959, and section 10,11 & 13 of the UA(P) Act, 1967.

Date of Registration by NIA


Summary of Allegations

Two persons came in a motorcycle and shot at Satpal Sharma and Ramesh Kumar, working at the Naam Charcha Ghar at Nanakpur Jagera, who were killed as a result. These persons were members of a larger group of persons including known terrorists, who with funding from various other countries, conspired to murder members of religious organizations to destabilize public order in Punjab and to threaten the unity and integrity of the country.

Present Status of Investigation

The case is under investigation.

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