NIA Cases

Case No


Case Title

Derailment of train no. 19321; Indore Patna Express

State Police FIR No.

55/2016 registered at PS GRP Bhimsen, Kanpur Nagar

Date of Registration


Section of Law

Sections 337/338/427/304-A of the IPC and sections 151 & 154 of the Railway Act


Case RC-01/2017/NIA/LKW dated 01/01/2017 registered at NIA Police Station, Lucknow. As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 11011/10/2017-IS.IV dated 25/01/2017(suo motu).

Section of Law

U/Sec. 337/338/427/304-A of the IPC, sections 150,151,154 of the Railway Act, 1989 and sections 16 & 18 of the UA(P) Act.

Date of Registration by NIA


Summary of Allegations

The Central Government has received information that a case, vide FIR No. 55/2016 dated 21.11.2016, has been registered under sections 337/338/427/304-A of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 151 & 154 of the railways Act at PS GRP Bhimsen, Kanpur Nagar, regarding accident of Train No. 19321 (Indore-Patna Express) in which more than 140 persons were killed and 200 others were injured. The Central Government is of the opinion that the act of derailment was a result of a deliberate conspiracy by a group of persons, and is a scheduled offence under the NIA Act, 2008.

Present Status of Investigation

The case is under investigation.

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