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ISIL Case Delhi

As per Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 11034/111/2015-IS-IV dated 9th December 2015..

Summary of Allegations

Credible information has been received by Central Government that the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant(ISIL) also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) or Dawlah-al Islamiyah fil-Iraq wa-sh Sham (DAISH), an international terrorist organization has been engaged in radicalization of Indian Youths and motivating them to join the terrorist organization as a result of which some Indian nationals have already joined it or are in the process of joining it for committing terrorist acts in the conflict zone of Iraq, Syria and |Libya. The ISIL is also contemplating to expand its activities to other parts of the world including India.

Present Status of Investigation

The Case is under further investigation

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