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FICN Manjeri Case

As per GOI, MHA order No. F. No. 11011/45/2013-IS.IV dated 26.09.2013 NIA took over the investigation of FIR No No.1288/2012 dated 17.09.2012 of Manjeri Police Station, and re-registered the case on 12.11.2013 at PS NIA, Kochi as case RC- 06/2013/NIA/KOC under section 489 B/489 C read with 34 of IPC.

Summary of Allegations

Allegation against A1 to A7 and others who belong to Malda District, West Bengal is that they entered into a criminal conspiracy sometime during August-September 2012 in Malda, West Bengal and in Kerala to possess, use and circulate, counterfeit currency notes in India for wrongful gain and to destabilize the economy of India and in pursuance of the same A1 to A7 brought counterfeit Indian Currency notes from Malda and kept in the rented building at Wandur in Malappuram District. A1 used counterfeit currency note of face value of Rs 1000 for purchasing mobile re-charge coupon from a Mobile shop on 17/09/2012 and accused A1 to A6 were found in possession of FICN of face value of Rs 67000/- .

Present Status

Charge sheet was filed against 6 (six) accused persons before the Hon’ble NIA Special Court, Ernakulam on 19.06.2015.

Investigation completed.

Final Judgement Pronounced on 23.03.2017 against all 06 charge sheeted accused.


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